Thanks very much for installing our pool table today. As you can see from the photos, the table is beautiful and will provide us with enjoyment for many years to come. You and your team were very professional (not to mention very efficient). Thanks for a job well done.

~Joe Novak


Thanks for relocating our table. You guys did a great job. The placement that you suggested is perfect, the new felt makes the table look and play like its brand new. Great install, I'm so happy we called a professional. Ok gotta go practice some more...

~Rob Mulligan from Stratfford, NH

Thank you for the wonderful, professional job you have done installing our 9' table. You picked it up from our friend's house, brought it here, installed it and have done a lot of extras. You're the BEST!!!!

It looks wonderful!!

Many Thanks,

I wish to give my thanks to Matt for a great move. I purchased an Oldhausen 8' table and needed the full disasssembly and move with re-assembly in my 5th floor apartment in Lowell.

Matt is a true professional. Communications before the move were pleasant, accurate and timely. The move went smooth as silk and before the afternoon was over, I was enjoying a great table, newly clothed in a great space.

If you're still not convinced; an interesting tidbit from the moving day. The bottom of the table is a time capsule of Matt's various business card styles through the years. The move and setup in my apartment is the 4th time he's touched this table since it was purchased new about 12 years ago.

Without reservation, Mr. Cue's Billiards is the only outfit you should deal with for moves, recovers and Used table purchases.

I would like to pay tribute to Matt and staff of Mr. Cues for the recent work they did for me.

I had a table that I wanted re-clothed. Matt looked at the table and gave me an evaluation of the quality of that table and a recommendation to not invest the cost into it. I gave his recommendation considerable thought and thankfully took his advice.
His knowledge, experience and expertise saved me from considerable disappointment, as the table would have truly been a waste of time and money for me. Matt set me up with a table that far surpassed my expectations. I watched Matt, and his team, install the new table and was so impressed with the care, effort and expertise that I saw during that installation. He is an impressive craftsman in his field.

I am delighted to have Matt as a resource for any future service and would highly recommend him to anyone I know.

Thank you again Sir
Dave Ward

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