4 Steps to Refelting A Pool Table

July 3, 2023

pool table refelting

Refelting a pool table is a process that involves replacing the felt that covers the playing surface. This is a common maintenance task for pool table owners, as the felt can become worn or damaged over time. However, the process can be challenging, but with the right tools and techniques, it is possible to refelt a pool table yourself.


Here, our team at Mr. Cue’s Billiards provides insight into successful pool table refelting.


Remove the old felt.

The first step in refelting a pool table is to remove the old felt. This can be done by carefully cutting it away from the table using a sharp utility knife. Once the felt has been removed, cleaning the table’s surface thoroughly to remove any debris or adhesive residue is critical.


Installing the new felt.

Next, the new felt can be installed. This step involves carefully laying the felt over the playing surface and smoothing it out to eliminate any wrinkles or bubbles. The felt should be stretched tightly over the table and secured using adhesive or staples.

Once the felt is in place, it is essential to trim it to the correct size. Trimming involves cutting away any excess felt using a sharp utility knife. It is important to be precise when trimming the felt to ensure it fits perfectly on the table.


Railings & Pockets

After trimming the felt, it is time to install the railings. This involves wrapping the felt around the railings and securing it using adhesive or staples. Take extra precautions during this step to ensure the felt is aligned correctly and does not become wrinkled or bunched up.

Finally, it’s time for the pockets to be installed. This installation involves cutting holes in the felt where the pockets go and securing them using adhesive or staples. Once the pockets are in place, the felt should be smoothed out again, and any remaining wrinkles or bubbles should be eliminated.


Pool Table Refelting with Mr. Cue’s Billiards

Overall, refelting a pool table is a complex process requiring much skill and patience. Taking your time and following the correct steps is crucial to ensure the new felt is installed correctly and looks great. However, you can always save yourself time and effort by calling in your local professionals!


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