5 Signs It’s Time for a Pool Table Repair 

November 1, 2023

A pool table is the heart of any game room, providing countless hours of entertainment and camaraderie. But like any piece of furniture or equipment, pool tables require regular maintenance and occasional repairs to ensure they’re in top condition. So, how can you tell if your beloved pool table needs some professional attention? This month at Mr. Cue’s Billards, we’re exploring five signs that indicate that it’s time for a pool table repair.

Uneven Playing Surface

A level playing surface is essential for a fair and enjoyable game of pool. If you notice that the balls consistently roll in one direction, or your cue ball seems to have a mind of its own, it’s a clear sign that your table may not be level. Unevenness can result from a variety of factors, including a shifted frame, worn-out cushions, or damaged slate. A professional pool table technician can assess and correct these issues to restore your table’s balance.

Worn or Torn Cloth

The cloth, or felt, on your pool table plays a critical role in gameplay. Over time, it can become worn, torn, or even stained. If you see noticeable damage or discoloration on the cloth, it’s time for a re-felting. New felt not only enhances the aesthetics of your table but also improves ball roll and ensures a consistent playing experience.

pool table repair

Loose or Missing Pockets

Pool table pockets can suffer from wear and tear, especially if they’re used frequently. If your pockets are loose, sagging, or even missing altogether, it can disrupt the game and make pocketing balls a challenge. Pool table repair experts can replace or tighten pockets to restore their functionality.

Noisy or Loose Rails

The rails of your pool table are integral to the game, as they guide the balls into the pockets. If you hear a lot of rattling or notice that the rails are loose, it can negatively impact gameplay. Loose rails might result from broken or missing bolts, screws, or other hardware. Having a professional assess and tighten these components can resolve the issue.

Squeaky or Misaligned Cue Ball

If your cue ball squeaks as it moves or doesn’t roll smoothly, it can be frustrating and distracting during your games. This often indicates an issue with the ball return system, a warped cue ball, or even issues with the table’s leveling. A pool table technician can diagnose and fix these problems to ensure your cue ball glides effortlessly across the table.


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