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Matthew Quintiliani is the owner and founder of Mr. Cue's Billiards - he is "Mr. Cue".

Matthew entered the world of billiards by working as a store manager for a company called Family Game Rooms, there were over 40 stores in this company from PA to NH. Family Game Rooms offered high end game room furniture. In order to better himself as a sales person he went out with the installers several times to learn how the tables go together and come apart and see some of the competitors tables.

After leaving Family Game Rooms he began working with a pool tables installer that has been in business for over 20 years. Learning the trade from a veteran he avoided all the upsetting mistakes (learning curves) of learning a new trade. After a few months of working under someone he decided to open his own business and run "Mr. Cue's" part time while working as an account executive at a reprographics company. Once the high tech industry crashed in early 2000 he decided to start "Mr. Cue's" as a full time operation. Now "Mr. Cue's" subcontracts for dozens of businesses in the NH and MA areas and continues to advertise on his own in NH, MA, VT, and ME.

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The game of billiards has a long and storied history. It began as a lawn game similar to croquet during the 15th century in Northern Europe. Over time, the game evolved to the version we know today: an indoor game played on a wooden table with six pockets, an upright stick, and a hoop that was similar to a croquet wicket. The balls were moved with a wooden stick called a “mace;” the pool cue as we know it was a development of the late 1600’s. During the 18th century the hoop and stick were gradually removed, leaving only the balls and pockets and developing billiards into the game we know today. The game was becoming more popular throughout Europe, especially among the French nobility; in fact, the word “billiard” has French origins! 

Much like the game, the pool table has evolved over the centuries as well. Pool tables were originally much more simple than they are now, with flat vertical rails to keep the balls from falling off. As the game developed and players realized that they could use the railings to ricochet their balls into the pockets, the construction of the table improved dramatically. Today, a high-quality pool table is imperative to a quality game. That is where our professional team comes in!

From post-sales installation and refurbishing to packing, moving, and repairing, our team can handle it all. If you're interested in adding a new pool or billiard table to your home or office, please feel free to contact us today! We're proud to serve clients throughout Boston, MA; Worcester, MA; Nashua, NH; Exeter, NH; and the surrounding areas.

"Mr. Cue's" is fully insured and has 16 years of experience working on JUST pool tables. He stands by his work 100% and knows he is one of the best in the field at what he does!

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