Pool Table Installation: What to Know Before You Buy

October 1, 2023

pool table installation

Anyone who owns a pool table will tell you that it’s a lot of fun. It makes your home the neighborhood hangout spot and gives you something to do on a lazy afternoon. If you want to turn your newly finished basement into a game room, you have to have a pool table. A good pool table is an investment, and you want to protect it. The best way to do that from the start is to hire a professional for your pool table installation. You also need to know a few things before purchasing and installing your table.


Here are a few important things you need to know to prepare for your purchase and pool table installation.


Room Space and Table Size

Pool tables are not small furniture items, so you need to know how much space you’re working with. Measure the room where you plan to put the table, taking into account not just the size of the table but also the space around it. Players need space to move around the table and use their cues, so you can’t have your table too close to the wall. Pool tables typically come in three standard sizes: 7 feet, 8 feet, and 9 feet. The most common size for home pool tables is 8 feet, but if you’re tight on space, it might be better to opt for 7 feet.


Table Quality and Materials

Not all pool tables are of the same quality. As a general rule, higher-quality tables are more expensive. But if you plan to use your pool table a lot, it will be worth the higher price tag. The two most common types of tables are slate and non-slate (usually plywood or MDF). Slate is the superior material as it makes a better and more even playing surface. Slate is also much heavier and more expensive, which may affect your decision.


Budget and Other Costs

When making any large purchase, you have to consider your budget. Pool tables vary widely in price depending on the size, material, and brand. It is often worth spending more upfront on a higher-quality table because you will save on maintenance and repair costs in the long run. If you need some advice on the best table to buy, our team at Mr. Cue’s is happy to lend our expertise.


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