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Thank you, thank you, thank you!   We absolutely love the table.  We love to play pool and have wanted our own table for years, but not just any table.  We wanted a quality table, but the cost was was prohibitive.  Enter Mr. Cue, we received a great used table at a great price.  At this time I will once again apologize for the months of questions prior to our purchase, but that also shows the quality of service you provide.

Now, about the install.  As you saw from the room the table went in, I am no stranger to tools and building, fixing etc.  However, I decided to hire a professional for the table install.  I 100% made the right decision, and 100% chose the right table mechanic, or should I say artist.  Watching you and your crew work was amazing  (I was also glad it wasn't me carrying that slate up to the second floor!).  Our table may not be brand new, but with the new cloth and pockets, it looks just as good and plays like a new table.  And we now have a 9 foot Ol Hausen Classic for about a third the cost of new.

I can't express how satisfied we are with your service.  You and your crew were professional, polite and friendly, no one teased us for choosing purple cloth, but you must admit it works in this room!

When I need further service, you will be getting a call from me, and I am telling everyone where we got our table."

~Tony & Joanne Gagnon

Milton, NH.

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