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All You Need to Know About Caring for Your Pool Table 

Caring for your pool tableAny furniture polish will clean the wood and any leather cleaner will clean the leather, just make sure you spray it on a rag and not directly on your pool table. The cloth on your pool table will stain very easily unless you have Teflon coated cloth so keep all drinks and sprays away from your table.

The real care of your pool table comes with the cloth, two things will make it last a long time


When brushing the table you should brush it in one direction only, always in straight lines in the direction you're breaking. Pool table cloth has nap just like a lawn and the balls will follow the direction you brush it. So if you're brushing it in half circles and zig-zags when the balls slow down they will make you think your table is not leveled properly when it is actually the nap that is making it appear that way.

When you're not playing on the table you should always have a cover on it. The sun (direct or indirect) will cause fading and can cause the cloth to get brittle.

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