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All You Need to Know About Maintaining Your Pool Table 

Caring for your pool tableYour pool table is a significant investment, so it's important to take proper care of it. Careful use and diligent maintenance will make sure that your new addition will last for a lifetime. 

We recommend the following practices to keep your pool table in pristine condition for years to come:

  • Any non-corrosive furniture polish will clean the wood on a billiard table from Mr. Cue's and any leather cleaner will clean the leather pockets; use your favorite cleaner and a soft dampened cloth regularly to properly maintain your table!
  • Avoid dragging your pool cues over the leather pockets.
  • Diligent care of the cloth surface will make a huge difference in extending your table's lifespan. Brush your table with a table brush after every play to remove chalk and dust; you can also gently vacuum occasionally. Brush in straight lines from one end of the table to the other; the direction in which you brush your tabletop can have an effect on how the balls travel during play. 
  • Spray any cleaner on a rag rather than directly onto your pool table. All drinks and sprays should be kept away from your pool table as much as possible, as the cloth cover will stain extremely easily. 
  • Always keep a cover on your pool table when you are not playing on it. This helps avoid sunlight causing the cloth to fade or get brittle; it also discourages dust or debris from collecting and prevents accidental spills from staining it.
  • Clean balls regularly with a designated ball cleaner; you can also use detergent and water. This helps keep your tabletop clean and free of staining, debris, or contaminants.

We are your source for pool tables In Worcester, MA and the Nashua and Exeter, NH area. Contact us today if you have any further questions about the care and maintenance of your pool table! 

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